ABOUT US - The Beginning... The Intent... The Rules...

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ABOUT US - The Beginning... The Intent... The Rules...

Post by Fireseid on Fri Mar 13, 2015 3:22 pm

Team "Work For A Living"
- A crew of cooperative and mature players.

Hello crew-mates (and those interested in joining).
Please review the following for to gain an understanding of what we're about and trying to be.
Any constructive feedback and suggestions are welcomed. We are an evolving membership.

This was started because of various inadequacies -

  • The crew; because in-game matchmaking is horrid, and finding decent persons to play cooperatively can often be worse - and when your "real life" schedule is hectic this is compounded.
  • The forum; because the dashboard on the Rockstar Social Club leaves A LOT to be desired

That said, the success of our crew is in your hands. I do not intend this as a monarchy, but rather a democracy.
All of you will have a voice, should you choose to speak.

What brought us here?
The desire to have a community of players we can pick up and play with cooperatively and reliably, without hassle, harassment, or commitment.

Not so much rules as it is a Code Of Conduct.

  1. All players must conduct themselves in a mature manner, age regardless. Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated.
    This is meant to be a group where any person, regardless of gender or background can engage with others without being trolled, harassed, or made to feel uncomfortable.
  2. Communicate. Have a functional headset and use it respectfully to communicate with your crew/teammates.
  3. Demonstrate patience. Not everyone will always be at the same level of skill or gameplay, and even then, mistakes do happen - It's just a game. As we get to know each other's skill levels and playing preferences and as we grow, lets help each other to get better and succeed.
  4. Play fair. It is strongly encouraged that heist cuts/takes be split at the default setting R* has set them to at the VERY MINIMUM. It is understood that the host has to fund the heists and can take a hit otherwise.
    That said, it is strongly encouraged that if you are hosting and have "deep pockets", that you demonstrate generosity and split the takes at least evenly.
    Neither is a rule, just a suggestion to create a "pay it forward" atmosphere amongst our community. Lets help each other, especially the lower ranked players, to accomplish their goals.

All crew members will have the power to recruit, if they do not already.

This is the only commitment of time that I ask for...
As you come across like-minded, cooperative and mature players, invite them to join. HELP build our community so finding decent people to play with can be a convenience.

If there are any persons whom are online regularly and would like to particularly assist me in these efforts, please reach out to me and let me know so we can coordinate.

Those interested in joining:
If you've decided our crew is a fit for you, request an invite via the Rockstar Social Club Website. If you do not get a response in a reasonable timeframe, reach out to one of our members via PM on the Rockstar Social Club Website.


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